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Yatra Cricket Manager

Brief: Associate with cricket
Insight: What do cricketers do most other than play? THEY TRAVEL
Solution: An online strategy game to manage the travel of Team India XI during the world cup. Interesting hurdles every day to optimize morale & fitness of the team. Simulated booking engine interface for the campaign.
Result: Excellent association of cricket with brand Yatra.

HBO India Social Presence

Brief: Compete with Star Movies and Pix on FB & make HBO India largest community among English movie channels in India
Insight: People love to talk movies, but the key is to drive engagement
Solution: A FB centric approach with numerous campaigns during the year. 10th Anniversary, Hangover, HQ, HPL, Rocky, Bond, Inception etc. All focus on HBO and Hollywood
Result: 7 Lacs people community in 18 months. Largest community in its segment, despite being the late entrant

Lufthansa Salaam Bollywood

Brief: NRI promotion for Lufthansa
Insight: India abroad equals Bollywood [Not Cricket, politics, etc]
Solution: A microsite driven campaign promoting various scenic destinations in India via Bollywood.
Result: Great association of Lufthansa with hitherto ignored NRI community

Oriflame India Social Media

Brief: Promotion of and engagement with Oriflame brand in India for end customers as well as consultants. Support global marketing initiatives.
Insight: Oriflame is as social is. The business thrives on building social links in the offline world.
Solution: A comprehensive social media intervention Facebook presence, Apps, forum participation that mirrors offline world.
Result: 5% “People Talking About” Oriflame within a month and targeted at the right audience.

Yatra Social Media

Brief: Make Yatra the buzziest travel brand in Indian social media
Insight: Comprehensive social media with focus on ORM and engagement will drive the point home with customer. Virals are good, but maynot drive brand loyalty
Solution: A comprehensive ORM, FB approach integrating “Happy Travel”
Result: In Oct. 2011, Brand Equity and AC Nielsen rated Yatra as top social brand by SOV in the Indian travel space

Delhi Loves Buses

Brief: To change the perception of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT system)
Insight: People have limited knowledge about Delhi transport, BRT etc. Buses carry 42% of Delhites. Hence Bus Rapid Transit is the only logical way to decongest Delhi roads.
Solution: Delhi Citizen evangelism via Social Media, for their love for buses; give them special status
Result: 20K+ Facebook Fans, 30K+ Youtube views and changing perception of people to understand the need for a better transport solution in Delhi